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Karma‘aina® Wholesale

If you are looking to get started in the growing CBD business we are happy to help!

Whether you already have an existing business and are looking to add Karma‘aina® products to your line, or you are just getting going, we can be of assistance.

Our products are in stock and ready to be shipped, no waiting for weeks for your inventory to arrive!

Not only do we have some of the highest quality products you will find, we also offer small minimum orders that make it much easier to get started. We understand that not everyone can order 1,000 of each of our products, though if you do we can still definitely help!

At Karma‘aina® we use only the best ingredients available to us in all of our products. We don’t like artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives and neither should you. Wherever possible we use organic and always all vegan ingredients. This way you can be assured of ethically sourced organic ingredients grown the best possible way. We will never sell anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves and never include any ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

If you have been searching for CBD products with the purest and most potent ingredients that you can find, you have just found them.

Contact us with any questions regarding the setup of a Karma‘aina® wholesale account.

Our friendly and helpful customer service can be reached by email at Aloha@karmaainacbd.com, or Toll-Free by phone at 8444 123 CBD.