Clever Touchscreen TENS unit – Free with $200 purchase of Karma‘aina Organic CBD Oil




Spend $200 on organic CBD oil and get a FREE TENS unit!

This fantastic promotion combines the power of an FDA cleared TENS Unit with our highly rated organic CBD oil tinctures.  Simply spend $200 or more on any combination of CBD oil tinctures and your FREE TENS unit will be included with your order.

We have a great range of Broad Spectrum (Zero THC) and Full Spectrum (<0.3% THC) organic oils of various strengths for you to choose from.  We even have products for your pets, with an organic CBD tincture that was made with them in mind!

What is the Clever Touchscreen Unit and how do I use it?

The 789tens Clever Touchscreen TENS unit is your perfect portable pain relieving partner to help ease away all your common aches and pains.  This same technology is used by chiropractors, physical therapists and doctors to aid with both pain relief and rehabilitation.

Simply place the devices connected adhesive electrode pads on those sore, tight or stiff areas of your body.  Select from any of the 12 available soothing and highly therapeutic sensations designed for quick and effective relief and adjust the intensity to your comfort zone.

What type of common aches and pains can I use it for?

Perhaps you suffer from back pain, or have a family member that does?  This TENS unit can help ease it away in just minutes! Maybe you are one of the many people that have neck, shoulder or knee pain? The 789tens reusable adhesive electrode pads flexible design allows for easy placement in a wide variety of areas.  Whether you get temporary strains & aches from working out or you have chronic pain, this unit can help give you the relief you desire.

What features does it have and is it any different from other TENS Units?

This TENS unit features 2 separate independently controlled channels (outputs) each operating its own electrode cable with 2 reusable adhesive pads attached. This enables the user to position 4 pads and target 2 (or more) areas of the body at once if desired. For example place 2 pads on the lower back and position 2 pads on the shoulder, saving time as you relieve pain and tension in multiple areas.  The 2 independent outputs enable you to select different modes from the 12 available, as well as different intensity/strength settings for each session.

Is this a large box like at the chiropractors office, or can I easily take it with me?

Although very powerful, the unit is around the size of a smartphone and can fit in your pocket making it extremely portable!

The touchscreens user face is easy to use featuring simple icons for mode selection such as “knead”, “rub” and “taps”.  Each of the 12 modes feels different enabling you to experiment and vary the sensations being used.

It also has 20 levels of adjustable strength, from very low all the way up to very intense.  Most people will not need to use the max strength, often finding the perfect intensity somewhere in between.   Its rechargeable lithium battery will maintain its charge for several hours of use, meaning you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

I have never used TENS therapy, is it safe to use?

The 789tens Clever Touchscreen TENS unit is an FDA-cleared medical device.

Although TENS therapy is widely and safely used, prior to using any TENS units or accessories, please consult with a physician to ensure that it is safe for you to use a TENS unit and its accessories.

789tens highly recommends that you consult with a physician if you can answer YES to any ONE of the following statements, “I am…”:

  • implanted with a pacemaker or defibrillator.
  • pregnant, or planning to become pregnant.
  • over the ager of 65.
  • under the age of 18.
  • undergoing other medical treatment(s).
  • recently-diagnosed with an illness or disease.
  • prone to suddenly losing consciousness.
  • hyper sensitive to electricity.

Can you use the TENS unit and the CBD oil together?

Yes!  You can use TENS units while also sticking to your preferred CBD regimen.

789tens Clever Touchscreen TENS is an extremely powerful FDA cleared medical device and your perfect partner to the Karma‘aina CBD product line.  Take advantage of this amazing limited time offer and get the unit FREE when you spend $200 or more on any combination of Karma‘aina Organic CBD Oil Tinctures!